Debate in Middle School

Debate In Middle School

October was the month of festivals with the major festival of Diwali falling in the middle of this month. Also, with the Half- yearly exams as well concluding in the first week we really had to face the time crunch to execute Class Book Forums in all the classes. Despite all this, considering the excitement among students, we took extra care to conduct class book forum in as many classes as possible.

The theme for October’s class book forum was ‘Debate’ wherein chosen speakers for the month had to talk about a book as their “favourite read” or “not so favourite read”. The audience on the other hand had to counter the speakers; that is if the speaker spoke 'for' the book audience had to speak against the book; while if the speaker were choosing to speak against the book audience had to speak for the book.

Few of the glimpses of the classes who could have their class book forum in the second week of this month can be seen in the pictures given in the presentation below:

The classes which had their class book forums this month included 6A, 6E, 6F and 6G. In class Seventh the sections which had their class book forums included 7A and 7C. Hopefully other sections of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th would also conclude their book forum for the month of October before they proceed on to November; which happens to be the month of ‘Wild Adventures’ and of course ‘Wild Adventures’ are no less exciting!!!

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