Our Pride: Junior Readers

Class 1& 2

Reading is one of the most fundamental skills a child needs to learn not only to perform well academically, but in everyday life as well. Developing reading habits in young age is important as it gives lifelong love for books and knowledge.

So, keeping this in mind we focused upon inculcating reading habit in classes 1 & 2. We divided the class into two groups and gave them books to read. We sat individually with each child to assist them in reading. In that way we came to know about the children those who are finding difficulty in reading. We sat more regularly with such children and made them read the same list of words; phrase or short passages several times and reminded them to take pause between sentences. The idea is to make them read fluently with speed, accuracy, and proper expression.

To motivate the children for reading we put a “Reading Performance Chart” in all the sections of class 1. In that chart five blank stars were given in front of each child’s name. In the second week of September we started taking reading tests. On the basis of reading performance we gave the stars and that number of stars students had to color. Students were very excited to get more stars so in this way they got encouraged to read every day at home and perform well in the class. Very soon we will start conducting this reading test in class 2 also.

Reading Progress Chart
Students coloring the stars

Class 3 & 4

In this month we had started to use our temporary makeshift library. To spend the quality time with the students we had divided the class into two groups. These group used the library alternatively in their library periods. One group had the library reading session in the classrooms with one teacher while the other group had the similar session in the library. Both the groups enjoyed reading session in their library period.

At both the places we did circle time with the students. During circle time we discussed the importance of reading, read short stories and articles to encourage them to read. We encourage the students to share with us the obstacles they face in reading, so that we may help them overcome their hindrances.

Students were also very excited and happy as they explore the makeshift library. Story narration and Book presentation were also going on side by side.

Glimpses of classes 3 & 4

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